The Original Rain Cloud

Invented and manufactured in Woodstock, GA, these rain clouds bring extra personality to your houseplants and joy to your watering routine. 
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
- Ericka Axelsson


Form and Function

These rain clouds turn watering the plants into art by dripping the water like a gentle rain. I find it soothing and visually pleasing. The clouds rain for up to 10 minutes and are not meant for extended watering, just to bring joy to regular watering.

Meet the Maker

My name is Ericka and I created these clouds to add whimsy to my plants. I am so happy to have found that other people enjoy the experience they bring to your plant watering routine.

About Us

Why are we special

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Adds an aesthetic aspect

This cloud shape was first designed as a decorative element for my daughter's bedroom. I had the idea to use them to water my plants, and a lot of time on my hands because it was the beginning of Covid. I tinkered for almost a year testing different ways to make what I envisioned work and I am very happy with what I have created.

Small Business Inventor

I never dreamed that my creation would end up being a business. It has been a real journey for me going from artist/maker to entreprenuer but I love what I make and enjoy sharing it with others.

Made in USA

We started out making these in our own home and have tried to keep this a small town business in every way possible. I would not have been able to grow as a business without the personal connections with other small businesses and I will always try to honor that.

Just so you know

Not all plants enjoy being watered from above. If you notice your particular type of plant is not as healthy discontinue use as a watering device or try it on a different type of plant, the cloud is still a fun decorative element for your plants.