The Original Rain Cloud

Invented and manufactured in Woodstock, GA, these rain clouds bring extra personality to your houseplants and joy to your watering routine. 
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
- Ericka Axelsson

Dripping Clouds for plants by THE CLOUD MAKERS

Form and Function

These rain clouds turn watering the plants into art by dripping the water like a gentle rain. I find it soothing and visually pleasing. The clouds rain for up to 10 minutes and are not meant for extended watering, just to bring joy to regular watering.

Why are we special

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Adds an aesthetic aspect

This cloud shape was first designed as a decorative piece for my daughter’s bedroom. I loved the shape of it so much I wanted to do more with it. Getting it to rain on my houseplants took a lot of tinkering but the overall aesthetic effect was worth it. These clouds slowly drip 4 ounces of water over 5-10 minutes and in addition to allowing the plant to absorb the water more slowly they create a calm and aesthetic moment in my day.

Small Business Inventor

I listed my rain clouds on Etsy on January of 2021. I am so glad that others have found them as pleasing as I do. The popularity of this product has taken me from artist to entrepreneur. I made over 3,500 rain clouds at home on my 3D printer until in December 2022  when we were able to get them manufactured by a local injection molding company. It was a lot of work to keep the same aesthetic and design quality but our manufacturing partner was amazing at understanding how important it was to us.

Made in USA

The move to manufacturing was a hard one for us to make. I am thrilled to be making these clouds here in Georgia with a partner who listened to us to make a product true to our vision. The best part is that they are able to make the clouds faster, better and with less waste than I was able to at home.

Just so you know

Not all plants enjoy being watered from above. If you notice your particular type of plant is not as healthy discontinue use as a watering device or try it on a different type of plant, the cloud is still a fun decorative element for your plants.

Intersted in Wholesale?

Based on interest, we've added the ability to sell our products wholesale. We are a small but growing business and are proud to now be able to produce enough clouds to make everyone smile. If you are interested in reselling our products we would love to hear from you.