Our Story

Our Dripping Rain Clouds were created during covid lockdowns by Ericka Axelsson. At home for months on end with her husband, teenagers, plants and dogs she used her 3D printer to create something that made her smile. She had already designed the cloud as a decoration in her daughter’s bedroom and knew she wanted to do something more with the design. Then one day while watering her plants she thought how nice it would be if there was something that could slowly trickle the water. Of course she thought of her cloud. It took took quite a bit of tinkering with her 3D printer to get the right combination so that it really did feel like the cloud was raining on her plants. 

Once she was satisfied with the design she put the cloud up on Etsy. She was happy to find that many other people wanted that moment of joy in their day. So she kept making them even though  3D printing each cloud took 8 hours plus removing all supports by hand. Going viral meant she was quickly overwhelmed. So we started looking into better ways to make the cloud. This was a whole new world and we were so happy to find a small local business to help us bring our clouds into manufacturing. Now each cloud is injection molded right here in Georgia and we are able to share our creation with the world.

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