Spring . . . Time - Sun, Apr 18, 2021

Spring . . . Time - Sun, Apr 18, 2021

Wow, I have been busy. Part of it is our new puppy. 

And my daughter’s 18th birthday. And just that spring is a busy time.

But part of it is that I have been making a lot of rain clouds. I am so happy that people seem to be finding these and liking them. 

I am a one person shop. The things I sell are designed by me and made on my 3D printer. Quality control is handled by my teenage daughters – the harshest critics I know. So the fact that I keep selling out of clouds is a good problem to have. The bad problem is that I am having supply chain issues. During the pandemic a lot of filament providers changed their focus away from “fun” colors. I can always get filament from the supplier but my choice of colors is not as broad, and right now I cannot get the brown/bronze color I was using for the base of my Rain Cloud stands and I have run out. I had already been playing with a new stand design and the lack of bronze filament pushed me to finish the design.

 I am really happy with the finished product even if it is a very different feel from the first one. 

I keep playing with new designs. I love the new bird bowl planters. The kids did not approve of my cupcake phone stand. So I will need to keep working on that.  

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