Not to brag but...

Not to brag but...

New Injection Molded Dripping Rain Cloud

Ok yes, I’m bragging. This is huge. My dripping rain clouds have been a hit on Etsy. They kept us so busy throughout 2022 we really didn’t have time for much else. Over the course of the year we made over 3000 clouds at home on our 3D printers. Each cloud took us 8 hours to print and then we cleaned and tested every single cloud we shipped. Lots and Lots of dripping rain clouds

As early as February we knew we needed a better way. So we researched and reached out to local businesses. Eventually we found a great company here in Georgia who really worked with us to make an injection molded version of our cloud. I was nervous. This is a product I am really proud of and did not want to lose any of what I feel made it great, my awesome design and the fact that it drips slowly. Somehow they managed to help make it even better. Really. I am so proud of what we have achieved in bringing my 3D printed concept into injection molding. We were able to use this change to make our dripping cloud better than ever and fix the one problem that always made me feel guilty about my clouds… When we were 3D printing each cloud had to have support material underneath it and that was all plastic waste. I hated that. Now not only have we gotten rid of waste material in the production of the cloud but if there is any waste plastic for any reason Murray Plastics recycles it all, so I feel so much better.3D printed VS Injection molded dripping rain clouds

Now we make the clouds faster, better and with less waste. This is allowing me to grow and take steps beyond Etsy, like my own website and even retail. I still get to be creative and make and design all my accessories for 3D printing, designing specifically so I won’t have waste material guilt. But I am so absolutely proud of the new injection molded clouds.Dripping Rain Cloud in Heart Planter


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