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Stormy Rain Cloud with Sun

Stormy Rain Cloud with Sun

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A cute rain cloud to bring joy to watering your houseplants. This rain cloud is 3D printed from PLA plastic. It is hand finished and tested by me to create a slow drip of water onto your plants. The drips fall towards the center in individual drops. The interior is shaped to hold 4oz of water and drain without pooling. The cloud is held up with 2 clear acrylic rods and made for plants in pots over 5" in diameter. (Use with a stand or house planter for smaller pots.) Sun is a removable accessory that adds more fun to this design and can be used interchangeably or together with other add-on accessories.

Rain Cloud measures 5.5"x3.5"x2"

Notes: Each cloud is unique and will drip differently. Sometimes they need a gentle tap to break the surface tension and start dripping. I test them with my tap water at home before shipping, but I know that sometimes it doesn’t work the same when it gets to you. If that happens feel free to reach out to me. This design makes me happy and I want you to be happy too. For me these only started slowing down after being used for 6-7 months continuously and I was able to just wash them with warm soapy water to get them flowing nicely again. Planter and plant not included.

Made in the USA by The Cloud Makers at The Axelsson Fun Factory

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All items are 3D printed by the artist and indivdually tested before shipping.

Add-Ons and stand are designed only to work with The CLOUD MAKERS brand Rain Clouds.


Not all plants enjoy being watered from above. If you notice your particular type of plant is not as healthy discontinue use as a watering device or try it on a different type of plant, the cloud is still a fun decorative element for your plants. 


All items ship to the USA from Woodstock, GA. Shipping is $5 per order and free for all orders over $24.97.